10' Ausmosis Hand-made in USA custom board

  • 10' Ausmosis Hand-made in USA custom board

Buffalo, NY

Never ridden, Hand made in USA fiberglass/expoxy board for sale. Bough for partner but they cannot ride this season. 10' x 31.5" x 4.5" 179 L displacement. Includes 3 FCS fin system with new 'snap in' center fin and 2 side fins, brand new ankle leash, and ribbed carbon fiber paddle. The custom graphics are from photography shot in Hawaii while living there and there is a clear traction pad so the images are not lost to a standard deck pad. If you are ready for a serious upgrade or want to now that your purchase goes to support custom hand made in USA/Canada boards look no further than: http://ausmosis.ca/ feel free to look up a 'D-man pro' and you will realize that you are getting on amazing deal on a board that has never seen water.

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